About Pandia Web Consulting

Hi, I am Ilie Pandia, the person behind
“Pandia Web Consulting”

Introduction: A Journey Ignited by Curiosity

My Fascination with Computers: A Childhood Come True

At 10, my world changed when my father brought home a computer. For me, it wasn’t just a machine. It was a gateway to endless possibilities. I dove into the world of programming, eager to see how far I can go.

Professional Path: A Decade in WordPress Development

WordPress: Simplicity Meets Infinite Creativity

WordPress captivated me with its simplicity and endless customization possibilities. For over a decade, I’ve dedicated myself to mastering this platform. Their open-source philosophy meant I could pop-open the hood, learn from the best, or customize to my heart’s content.

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Professional Background: A Blend of Academic Rigor and Real-World Experience

Computer Science meets Web Development

With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, my journey has always been about more than just writing code; it’s about using technology to empower people. As WordPress evolved from a blogging platform to a robust CMS, in the right hands has the potential to become a powerful tool for online business.

Ten Years of Transformative WordPress Projects

My decade-long WordPress journey has spanned from large blogs to community websites, e-commerce platforms, and bespoke web applications. My specialty? High-performance websites, where I merge the WordPress core with custom, tailor-made experiences.


Showcase of Creativity and Technical Expertise


The Custom Build Process: Your Vision, My Expertise

  1. Initial Interview: Understanding your needs.
  2. Options Tailored for You: Presenting three distinct strategies for your project.
  3. Project Commencement: Work begins upon receipt of payment.
  4. Progress Updates: Regular check-ins to ensure alignment with your vision and agreed outcomes.
  5. Final Delivery: Handing over a product that is easy to manage and update.
  6. Ongoing Support: Offering maintenance and support plans for your business.

My Signature Work: The custom experience

As an enthusiastic programmer, I enjoy creating unique, custom experiences on top of the WordPress foundation. I excel in tackling complex processes, creating automated solutions, and optimizing for peak performance.

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Life Beyond the Screen: A Glimpse into My World

When I’m not writing code, you’ll find me capturing life through my lens, enjoying precious moments with my two sons, or keeping up to date on the latest developments in AI.