Start Selling Fast: Your Standard WooCommerce eStore Ready to Go

Quick, No-Fuss Setup with up to 5 Products and Popular Payment Methods Included

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Looking to launch your online store fast and without the hassle?

My standard WooCommerce store setup gets you up and running swiftly. I take care of everything from product listings to payment integrations, so you can start selling right away. The setup includes both digital and physical products.

Rapid Store Setup

Have your eStore live and ready for business quickly, without having to deal with all the complexities.

Product Listing Assistance

We’ll set up to 5 product listings to get you started.

Payment Integration

Accept popular payment methods from day one:

  • PayPal and Venmo – requires a PayPal account
  • Credit and Debit cards – requires a Stripe account or a business PayPal account
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay – requires a Stripe account or a business PayPal account

Mobile-Responsive Design

Ensure your store looks great on all devices and the checkout process is smooth and clear.

Basic SEO for Products

Get a head start with product SEO fundamentals.

I will make sure the products have the correct configurations and are optimized for the search engines.

Streamlined checkout experience

My setup ensures a smooth, user-friendly checkout process, significantly reducing cart abandonment and bolstering customer trust in your store.

Security Hardening

Keep your and your customers’ data private and secure.

Cost Effective

Affordable solution for launching a professionally built eStore, without the expense of custom development.

The price is $3,500 and it includes:

  • the selected template
  • WordPress installation
  • speed optimizations
  • security essentials, protecting your new website from hackers and malware
  • the core plugins and extensions that each modern website must have
  • hands-off delivery
  • newsletter integration with aWeber or MailChimp
  • basic SEO setup
  • WooCommerce installation and configuration
  • set up of up to 5 products
  • connect to payment gateways:
    • WooPayments
    • PayPal
    • or Stripe
  • start-up guide
  • two weeks of support

Process Overview

Step 1

Choose your design from a range of prebuilt WooCommerce stores.

Step 2

Provide product details – Send me details for up to 5 products.

Step 3

Provide general website details – I will send a comprehensive list of what text and images I need.

Step 4

Review and launch – Approve the setup, and I will make your store live.


Do I need to buy hosting?

  • Yes, I recommend SiteGround. If you want me to handle the hosting details, there is an option to do that.

Do I need to buy a domain?

  • Yes, I recommend NameCheap. While I can buy the domain in your name, it is always a good business practice that you own your domain name.

Do you offer maintenance and ongoing support?

  • Yes. The package includes two weeks of support and a start-up guide that will show you how to use the website and manage the store. Next, you will need to purchase a maintenance and support package at $30/mo.

Do you offer backups?

  • I do offer a backup service, but that is sold separately and we will need to have a call and assess your backup needs.

Can I customize my store?

  • Customization options are not included in this package. But I do offer a custom WordPress website service where we can go into as much detail as you need.

Can I add more products to my store?

  • Yes, you can add as many products as you need. You can start by duplicating and modifying the included 5 products.

Will my store scale as my business grows?

  • Yes. This is a solid foundation for your WooCommerce store and it will easily scale as your business grows.