The Ultimate Peace of Mind: WordPress Backup Soultions

Keep your and your customer data safe.

Ultimate Peace of Mind - WordPress Backups - Pandia Web Consulting

Easy, hands off, reliable backups for your files and customer data plus a recovery plan

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When do you need backups?

Ideally, before the unexpected happens. The moment the loss of your data becomes more expensive than starting from scratch, you need a backup plan. Regular backups ensure that you’re always prepared for any situation, protecting your hard work and customer data against all odds.

Backup Services

Backup of your WordPress files

Our service automatically backs up all your WordPress files, including themes, plugins, media files, and custom code, ensuring that every aspect of your site’s appearance and functionality is preserved and can be restored at any moment.

Backup of your WordPress database

I provide comprehensive backups of your WordPress database, safeguarding your posts, pages, comments, and settings. This means in the event of data corruption or loss, your site’s valuable content and configurations are recoverable, ensuring minimal downtime.

Backup of your CRM data

Understanding the importance of customer relationships, our service extends to backing up your CRM data. This includes customer profiles, interaction history, and transaction records, ensuring that your critical business relationships are maintained and protected against data loss.

Automated process

My backup process is fully automated. Once set up, it runs in the background, regularly updating backups without any manual effort from your side. This ensures your backups are always up-to-date, without adding to your workload.

Rolling 30 days of available history

With my service, you have access to a rolling 30-day history of backups. This feature allows you to choose from multiple restore points, offering flexibility to revert your site to the exact state you need, whether it’s from a week ago or just yesterday.

Disaster recovery plan

In the unlikely event of a major issue, my disaster recovery plan comes into play. This plan includes a step-by-step procedure for quick and efficient data restoration, minimizing downtime and ensuring your website and CRM systems are back online as fast as possible.


The most basic backup plan starts at $50/mo and includes a weekly full backup of your website, 10 GB storage, and a recovery plan. However, I recommend I do a free assessment to determine what is the best backup plan for your setup.